Octomore OBA – Release

Im April wird ein neuer Octomore erscheinen, der Octomore OBA.

leider sind dazu noch nicht all zu viele Infos bekannt,  hier die Pressemitteilung vom neuen

Bruichladdich Head Distiller Adam Hannet:

Octomore OBA Concept? Curiouser and curiouser. 

Our story begins at Feis Ile 2016, Bruichladdich Festival Day and Adam Hannett’s first masterclass as head distiller. There was a deal of expectation and Adam had something special to share.

It was Octomore; but not as we know it. The Octomore proposition had always been straightforward – mind and palate bending levels of peat, with the finesse and elegance of traditional Bruichladdich, bottled mostly at five years old. A sonnet in peat and barley.

But this Octomore was different. Sure, the iron fist/velvet glove profile was still evident, but there was a lot more going on – layers of complex flavour that evolved over time, in the glass, on the palate and in the mind… an elusive, shape-shifting spirit that refused to be tied down, to be labelled. What alchemy was this? The brain struggled to interpret the myriad of signals it was receiving from the palate. Bewilderment led through confusion to wonder – the agony and the ecstasy!

Now we present Adam’s Octomore “Concept” in a limited distillery release of only 3,000 x 500ml bottles. Rare indeed, and Adam is giving no secrets away, no clues, no workings out – the drinker will be the judge; well, those lucky enough to acquire 500ml of this precious, enigmatic liquid.

And what of this distillery’s breakthrough campaign for transparency – a whisky that labels its own details “undisclosed”? Only time will tell.

Power, finesse, depth, complexity, darkness, confusion, revelation, agony, ecstasy! This is Octomore “OBA” Concept

“Curiosity has led us to a release full of complexity; layered flavours that combine and overlap each other in a way we haven’t seen before in Octomore. The dark dried fruit and bitter chocolate combination on the nose is followed by an explosion on the palate. Dry peat smoke, spicy ginger, liquorice and then tea leaves and damp tobacco. Apricot and sea salt wrapped in a blanket of salty, smoky dried fruit. This whisky has deep, dark depths to discover.”

“The complexity holds everything together, tightly bound and secret. A combination of the rarest spirit and casks we have. The finish is desperately long, the lingering flavours will twist and turn as they compete for the final word from this outrageous dram.”

Adam Hannett
Head Distiller
Bruichladdich Distillery

Erwartet wird das gute Stück im April, es kann jetzt aber schon vorbestellt werden, für ca. 95 Pfund + Versand.

Man sollte allerdings schnell sein, da es nur 3000 Flaschen sind.

Der Link zum Shop: https://www.bruichladdich.com/whisky-shop/octomore/oba-concept